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Unpublished details from tapes and documents

Diana in Pursuit of Love includes previously unpublished details from the Diana-Morton tapes, it is based on wide-ranging research, and new and exclusive interviews. The definitive book on Diana, Princess of Wales's last years, by the biographer she herself chose. When Andrew Morton's world-famous biography, Diana: Her True Story was first published, it caused a media frenzy, severely jolted the royal family and the Palace hierarchy, and shook the British Establishment to its foundations. Later revealed as having been written with the Princess's full co-operation, this world bestseller is now widely regarded as her official biography. Yet, it was not the full story, nor could it have been, given the circumstances at the time. This is even more apparent in the light of the events that have occurred since her death, which have been played out under the harsh gaze of the media, once again catapulting Diana's name back into the spotlight. Figures such as her sometime lover James Hewitt, her butler Paul Burrell and Prince Charles's valet Michael Fawcett have emerged, while intriguing comments that Diana made to Morton in taped conversations, and which have never been published, become extremely important in view of subsequent events. 

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  • Diana - Confesions of beloved world princess
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