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Literature's favourite villain in the fight for justice

The character of Arsène Lupin - an irrestibly charming and immaculately elegant scoundrel - was created in the early 1900s as the French counterpart to Sherlock Holmes, who appears as his opponent in several of Maurice Leblanc's works. Never anticipating the huge rise in popularity that screen adaptations would bring, Leblanc endowed his hero with righteousness and a good heart, cancelling out the demerits of being a thief.
Lupin is an elusive master of disguise, a man of countless identities for whom thievery us just a sophisticated game, but who always makes sure that justice is served. In this book collection we get to know him from childhood, through his arrest, incarceration and sensational escape, to his first encounter with the famed British detective, and finally to the generous way he helped the French government in a complex national security case, making him a true patriot. 
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